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Adult's ECF Classes

We are currently registering for Adult's E.C.F. classes. Persons interested in becomming a Catholic need to complete classes.  The Liturgical Year in the Byzantine Church beings on Sept. 1st.  

There is a required orientation (date to be set) and all persons need to attend.  Have your paperwork completed before orientation.

Registration paperwork can be picked up from our ECF Director, Mary Albert. the front office  or from Fr. Nathan.

Parisioners who desire more knowledge about our Faith and our Church may attend these classes with permission of the instructor. Registration is not necessary in this case.

Inquire with our Pastor, Fr. Nathan. if you are interested in taking an adult class.


ECF Institute Classes

No registration is needed for E.C.F. Institute Classes. These are "continuing education" classes for those interested.

It is recommended that you bring your Bible and note paper to the classes.

Upcoming Class Information

These classes are for parishoners and any Catholic, Candidate or Catechumen who wants to learn more about Catholic teaching.

In addition to the classes and information available on this site, more information about Byzantine Liturgical, saints, holy days and fasting is available on the Eparch Website.

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