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Eastern Christian Formation


Eastern Catholic Churches teach through a process known as E.C.F. - Eastern Christian Formation.   Formation happens through participation in Divine Liturgy and in Adult and Children's classes.


Prayer & Worship


It is through our participation in Divine Liturgy that we grow closer to God.  The homily is designed to teach.  In the Italo-Greek tradition, a separate homily, for children is often given before the adult homily.  It is important to teach our children how to participate in worship reverently and fervently so that growth happens.

Children's Classes


Children's classes are pre-school level, through Level 8.  

Adult Classes


Adult E.C.F. classes are offered regularly. Information for upcoming adult E.C.F. classes is listed on the parish main website.  Classes are also available online through the Eparchy.  This site will also list upcoming classes.


Upcoming Classes


Our Lady of Wisdom parish website


Eparchy ECF



Learning About Icons
Learning how to read icons is part of ECF training.  Icons are the written history of our church.  In ancient times, writing was done in pictures so that illiterate people could "read" the historical event or sacred message.  This is because our church is ancient, and much of the history was recorded in this fashion in order that all people, illiterate or literate, of any language could see and understand.   We consider Icons to be "windows into heaven".
Myrrh Bearers


The Myrrh Bearers of Our Lady of Wisdom want to make all feel welcome and help newcomers understand the traditions of the Italo-Greek Church and the Byzantine Rite.  The Myrrh Bearers are a group of women, whose main role in the parish is prayer, welcoming of visitors and helping with community events and liturgical needs.




The Eparchy offers varous retreats for adults, teens and children. Information about these retreats are available on the Eparchy website. Our Lady of Wisdom occasionally offers day retreats.  We call these "A Day Of Reflection".  Watch of upcoming events, they will be listed on upcoming events on this site and in our weekly bulletin.

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